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A sneak peek into the future of technology!

We house world’s best Virtual Reality tech and we think it’s important to make the younger generation aware of what’s going on to shape the future of tech industry.

Event begins in our VR Arcade, which showcases the best VR experiences where they can go kayaking in Antarctica, do a space walk or just play one of the best VR games – BEAT SABER! Groups of up to 8 are then transported into another dimension as they experience the thrill & excitement of world’s best arena scale VR experiences. Nothing can prepare them for this 30mins of unreal fun!

Event concludes in our main party room where we give them an intro to the VR tech, our equipments and how they work to bring the best VR Experience, how various industries use VR tech and how it’s revolutionising the whole world!

We can accommodate a as large as 60 students group & enough parking space for 3 large busses! Duration of event is dependent on size of the group but it is approximately 3 hours.

Kids are free to bring their own tiffin box for the event.

There’s a minimum booking of 8 kids required. – Call To Book

€25 Per Kid

A School Tour To Remember

Futuristic VR Gaming
Antarctic Kayaking
Space Walk
Call To Book

Please Note:

  • Call To Book

  • For your kids’ safety and enjoyment, our packages are only recommended for children aged 10 and over

  • Parties last approximately 3 hours depending on group size and availability. We will advise at the time of booking

  • We kindly request a 50% deposit to guarantee your booking

  • Full payment is required at least one week in advance of your booking

  • All participants are required to sign a short waiver

  • Bookings have up to one week in advance to amend the number of players for their event

XBOX gaming



  • Multiplayer games for all ages

  • Up to 4 kids can play at a time

  • Connected to 65″ wide screen for awesome experience!

  • New games to be added to our library soon



  • A wide range of Mario games on 2 consoles

  • Up to 8 kids can play at a time on one console

  • Connected to a 65″ wide screen for an awesome experience!

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