Halloween Zombie Apocalypse

Halloween Zombie Apocalypse

Halloween Zombie Apocalypse

Fascinated by all those zombie slayer movies ? 

You can slay horde of Zombies and win amazing prizes at Zero Latency Dublin. Our upgraded Gen 3 equipment streams 5k resolution as good as real life ! The new RAPTOR VR Gun is designed for a seamless real-life like gaming experience. 

It’s time you get rewarded for saving Dublin from Zombie Apocalypse 

All you have to do is play Outbreak Origins or/and Undead Arena and get Top Score or Kill max number of zombies. Top 2 players in each category will be awarded with our kick ass VR party/ VR arena gift vouchers total worth €1000 ! 

OFFER VALID TILL 31st October 2022

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Zombie Apocalypse
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