Mountain Climbing VR

Mountain Climbing Dublin

The thrill of climbing mountain is irreplaceable, but not when it comes to Virtual Reality !

Get teleported to an extremely immersive climbing experience, explore the snow clad mountains, navigate through caves and enjoy the breath taking view while climbing. Best part about it is that we bet your arms will fatigue even when you aren’t really climbing a real mountain , yes ! thats how real it gets.

You don’t have to be a professional climber but you get the feeling of being one and enjoy the view from top of the mountains.

mountain climbing

Mountain Climbing VR Experience Details

  • Ultra Realistic Visuals
  • Headset Surround Sound
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Single Player Adventure
  • Multiple Locations To Choose From
  • 15 – 30mins approx

Its all Mental, your mind believes what it sees ! We bet you will go home with sore arms .

Are you ready for the Adventure ?

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