Mountain Climbing VR

Mountain Climbing Dublin

Experience the irreplaceable thrill of climbing mountains in mind-bogglingly lifelike Virtual Reality!

Get teleported to an extremely immersive climbing experience, explore the snow-clad mountains, navigate through caves and enjoy the breathtaking view while climbing. Best part about it is that we bet your arms will fatigue even when you aren’t really climbing a real mountain, yes! That’s how real it gets.

You don’t have to be a professional climber but you get the feeling of being one and enjoy the view from top of the mountains.

mountain climbing

Mountain Climbing VR Experience Details

  • Ultra Realistic Visuals
  • Headset Surround Sound
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Single Player Adventure
  • Multiple Locations to Choose From
  • 15 – 30mins approx

It’s all mental, your mind believes what it sees! We bet you will go home with sore arms .

Are you ready for the Adventure ?

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