Haunted House VR

Haunted House Dublin

You must have watched a lot of horror movies & visited haunted house attractions but this experience is nothing like you have ever been through. Get teleported into Dublin’s first Virtual Haunted House !

This experience takes place in a VR haunted mansion where you will not only observe paranormal activities but will also experience bone chilling whispers as if the ghost of the mansion is trying to communicate with you !

As real as it can get, pushing the boundaries of the living world and human mind.

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Haunted House VR Experience Details

  • Ultra Realistic Visuals
  • Headset Surround Sound
  • Guided – Free Roam
  • Single PlayerHorror Fantasy
  • 20 – 30mins


Do you have what it takes to walk through the Haunted House without taking your VR headset off ?

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