VR Haunted House Dublin

You must have visited a lot of haunted house attractions, but this for one will make your flesh creep and hair crawl. With an extremely immersive VR haunted house, you will feel as if you are living in a paranormal movie! No doubtthis is as real as it can get.

Apart from mind-bending visuals, you get to to interact with objects, listen to bone-chilling whispers and state-of-the-art background surround sound.

Get ready to face your worst nightmare!

VR haunted house Dublin

VR Haunted House Experience 

haunted house dublin VR

VR Haunted House Challenge

To all Daredevils, if you are able to stay in the Haunted House for at least 20 minutes, your photo and name will be put up on Wall of Fame. 

Every month, 8 lucky winners will be drawn from the Wall of Fame, who will get a chance to play a Zero Latency Arena Game for free!


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