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Will I Feel Dizzy in VR ?

Not at all! In free roam VR, your whole body moves in the direction of the game unlike stationary VR games that are played at home.

Minimum Age ?

Minimum age is 8 years accompanied by adults or 9yrs+ unaccompanied

What's dress code? Can I wear glasses ?

Feel free to wear anything comfortable & avoid high heel shoes as there is quite a bit of walking. VR headsets have their own focus adjusters so specs wont be needed but most of our customers prefer wearing contact lenses for the session

Do I Need To Prebook ?

Yes, you need to prebook the event online/call/e-mail. We kindly request 50% deposit to guarantee your party booking and full payment for VR game only sessions

Will I bump into walls ?

Nope, not a chance. Our state of the art VR system pauses the game and gives a bold alert when you are near to wall

Will there be a Games Coordinator ?

Yes, our dedicated games master will be present to assist you during the game for tech support as well as emotional support if you get too spooked by the zombies.

Will I get Physically Hurt ?

Not really, everything that happens in VR stays in VR! All of our equipments are safe to use & ZOMBIES ARE NOT REAL

Opening Days & Hours

We are open on weekdays Tue- Fri (12pm to 10pm) & on weekends Sat - Sun (10am to 10pm). Arena is closed on Mondays apart from bank holidays.

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