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What to expect from your first VR Gaming Experience

Zero Latency Dublin

Are you looking to do something new and exciting? How about escaping reality with your friends and family? Enter the world of Virtual reality with VR Gaming!

We at Zero Latency offer an immersive VR Gaming experience. You will feel like you are exploring and experiencing a real world.

Just wear your headsets and backpack and you are all set to experience the unreal world which feels like utmost real. You can fight with zombies, you can climb the huge mountains, you can visit the haunted house. You can do whatever you feel like. Therefore, when it comes to Virtual Reality Gaming, we ensure that you have a lifetime experience.

Not sure what to expect from your first VR Gaming experience? Listed below are the top 5 experiences you will get at Zero Latency:

Physical Activity

Say Goodbye to old school traditional gaming as it is not even close to the free roam VR gaming experience. The world of Virtual Reality gaming is completely different and thrilling. You will need to make physical movements while playing VR games. Few of the games will require you to shoot zombies  while others will make you run from ghosts to save your life. How about getting involved in the physical exercises while having fun and thrill ?

VR Gaming Group Parties

Escape the reality

Enter the world of VR gaming by keeping your daily work or personal stress aside. VR games are best stress busters. While playing the games you can feel the adrenaline rush in your body. In a virtual reality world, you get a chance to experience and explore the places you cannot visit in the real world. You tend to forget all other things and immerse yourself in the virtual world while experiencing this new way of Gaming.

Team bonding

VR Gaming is a great way of team bonding. Whether you are playing with your friends, family or co-workers, Virtual Reality gaming is an effective way to make your connections stronger. While playing a multi-player game you need to collaborate with other players to achieve the goal, resulting in stronger team for future endeavours.

Mountain Climbing VR

Next Level Adventures

Get ready for next level adventures when you try your hands on VR Gaming. From discovering new worlds to have a duel with zombies, from preparing for the battle against deadly virus to fighting with killer robots, get ready for an adventurous trip.

Immersive Experience

Our game masters design exceptionally amazing games to give an immersive experience to the players. Unlike traditional gaming, Virtual Reality Gaming gives players an immersive experience. You walk, run, move your hands while playing VR games and not just sit in one place in front of a screen with the joystick. You gain a first-hand experience as you interact with the surroundings of virtual world. Explore the world of VR Gaming and we promise that you will be blown away.

Zero Gravity Space Explorer

Post Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people work from home and do not interact with the friends and colleagues much. VR gaming is a great way of reconnecting with your old buddies and family members. With a mix of fun, thrill, excitement, VR gaming will give you best time of life and will reignite the lost human interaction with your co-workers.

If you are looking to try something new and innovative in Dublin, then we have got you covered. Zero latency has a variety of games to choose from, if you want to know more about our games Check out this!

You are getting a chance to explore a lot of different places and characters in your own city. How cool is that?

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